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two more churches …

Our friend and co-worker, Jackson Meing’ati, came over today to drink shaai (tea with milk and sugar, or honey, in this case) and “chew the news.”  Zerachiah, who hadn’t met him yet, quickly made friends! We discussed the implementation of the Enkinosata Ororei Le Nkai curriculum in the Maasai churches.  He also told me that […]

New Birth

At church today we had seven baptisms.  While the new beginning and new birth of baptism is always exciting, this baptismal service was particularly special, for two reasons.  First of all, there were four different tribal groups represented:  Maasai, Kikuyu,  Luyha, Kisii.  What a wonderful foretaste of heaven!  Just three years ago, Narok was on […]

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