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I (Joshua) had a wonderful opportunity to teach a few weeks ago (28 January – 1 February).  Twenty-one pastors and elders from our churches came to our training centre at Ewaso Ng’iro.  They represented 19 different communities and eight different geographical regions.

I taught the Enkinosata Ororei Le Nkai curriculum that we finished just before departing for furlough on our last term.  But this was also a teachers’ training course:  at the end of our 35 hours together, each had been prepared to take these lessons to their home congregations, adapting them as necessary for their specific pastoral context.

Before we departed, Stephen Kereto (and elder from our “home church” in Endoinyo Erinka, who learned to read through CMF’s literacy program) stood and publicly thanked us for providing teaching materials that were prepared in their own language and which addressed their own culture.  In the following weeks, John Sosio and Jim Kipees (not pictured, he is my co-worker and taught one of the ten lessons) reported to me how helpful the lessons and dramas were when they taught them in their churches.

So that was a most encouraging time for me.  But let us give all praise and thanks and glory to God, to whom it is due.

Pastors' - Elders' course: Eating the Word of God

L-R (bottom): Joseph Sosio, Paul Shuel, Elia Nkilapus, Sammy Pesi, Stephen Kereto
(middle): Jacson Mereru, Philip Sitayo Kobaay, Johnson Ntadia, Peter Kiopiro, Peter Tamoo, Jackson Pareyio, Stephen Kutingala
(top): Joshua, Paul Karia, John Sosio, Daniel Meipuki (standing), Daniel Kereto, Julius Sinke, Wilson Dapash, Edward Ololchoki, Simon Muya Olokumum (standing)
(not pictured): Thomas Pesi

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