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the world is changing …

I recently enjoyed a full hour having a conference with a close Maasai friend and co-worker (in Maa) … via instant messaging on the computer.  It’s not as nice as face-to-face, of course, but it beats either a static-y phone connection or a nine hour drive (three hours on pavement, and then bush driving).

The rains …

The rains, in the Loita Hills of Maasailand. (With thanks to Kashu ole Parit for the photo.)

Christ is Risen

He is risen, indeed!

Kinoto Enchan! The rains are here!

When “chewing the news” among the Maasai, you first say that everything is wonderful, and then list any evidence in favor of that claim, move on to share any happenings that might prove that things aren’t so well after all, and finally conclude by stating that things are great.  Neaku taa lelo.  “And that’s the […]

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