Where do we live?

We currently live in a house in Enoo Matasiani (aka Matasia), which is about half way between Ngong Town and Kiserian in the north of the Kajiado district of Kenya.

We spent about a year (2010-2011) in Narok town in the Great Rift Valley.

We used to live in “the bush” (2007-2008), in Endoinyo Erinka, a small community on the Loita Plains, adjacent to the Maasai Mara.

a view from "our" old house in Endoinyo Erinka

For a bird’s eye view of these sites, together with the locations of the CMF training centres in Kenya, here’s our google map. Although resolution varies, it’s possible to see the buildings when you zoom in (when in satellite view). Click on the icon markers to see information about what’s what.

View Barrons in Kenya in a larger map

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