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A day in our life in Kenya

What’s it like to be missionary in Africa?  Our days revolve around teaching national Christians and our six children, whom we (mostly Ruth) homeschool.  To read more, visit today’s post on CMF’s blog, which was written by Ruth.

new family picture

When humans were kind …

Our four oldest are part of a Kenyan homeschool co-op choir called Anthem.  They’re pretty good.  Last February, Athem performed at the Safaricom House in Nairobi as part of the city-wide “Cultural Stopovers” events.  I’ve posted pictures and video for their part of the concert here. Recently Fezi (their teacher / choir director) divided them […]

Kinoto Enchan !

The rains are here! The natural response is jubilant dancing – in the rain, of course.  Shalviah (9 mo.) wanted in on the action. Pictured (L-R):  Shalviah, Alitzah, Zerachiah, Eliana, Ahaviah.  Hannah Gail was also in the rain, but out of the frame.

chewin’ the news

What’s not to smile about? For some of our latest news, please read our October newsletter (.pdf format, with more pictures). Note:  the update should be printed on legal size, rather than standard, paper.  If you need to print a copy, let us know and we can share a version with larger resolution images. … […]

Shalviah Tzadika

Shalviah Tzadika arrived at home on 22 January 2015.  Shalviah means “the peace of the LORD” or “the shalom of Yahweh.”  Shalom refers to peace in relationships:  not just an absence of strife and discord, but personal and familial wellness and wholeness.  This is truly that “peace which passes understanding” (Philippians 4.7) which we are […]

Thorn Removal

I learned a new word today.  Do you need to say “I am pulling out thorns”?  Maa has a single word for that, aitaaiki.  Who knew? Given the large acacia thorn-tree (which has thorns 1-3 inches long) beside our house (not to mention the grass-thorns), I’ve had many occasions when the use of this word […]

“I’m busy”

When our two year old — oops, he’s three already — doesn’t want to do something (say, go to bed) he tells us “I’m busy.”  I can’t help but cringe a bit when I think of how he must of learned that phrase. So this morning when I was lying in bed trying to figure […]

Mme ninye …

One of the favorite parts of my job is serving as a translation consultant to the Kenya Bible Society as it is working to revise the Maasai Bible.  The Maa translation was prepared from the English RSV with occasional reference to the Living Bible (English) paraphrase.  Now the folks who worked on the original, all […]

the angels carried swords

Angels carry swords.  At our “town” church (in Nairobi) we had the children’s Christmas program early, today in fact.  And yes, those “ah … such cute little angels” all carried swords. I’ve a bone to pick with those silly “Renaissance” (and other) painters who have convinced us that a cherub is a fat baby with […]

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