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Ahaviah Zahorah

Ahaviah Zahorah arrived at home on 28 September 2012.  Ahaviah means “the love of the LORD” or “the LORD loves.”  Zahorah means “to shine” or “to illuminate” or “brightness” or “light.”  Our LORD’s love shines brightly and illuminates the darkness.  We pray that this love of the LORD will fill our Ahaviah with its light […]

The rains …

The rains, in the Loita Hills of Maasailand. (With thanks to Kashu ole Parit for the photo.)

Christ is Risen

He is risen, indeed!

Kinoto Enchan! The rains are here!

When “chewing the news” among the Maasai, you first say that everything is wonderful, and then list any evidence in favor of that claim, move on to share any happenings that might prove that things aren’t so well after all, and finally conclude by stating that things are great.  Neaku taa lelo.  “And that’s the […]


When I was little, I thought that water was free.  After all, it just fell from the sky as God’s gift, flowed in the streams near our house, and it was what Dad always had us order at restaurants.  So, in a youthful attempt to study the geological processes of erosion, I left the spigot […]

Mainosa! Tunakula! Let’s Eat!

The rough draft of the Swahili adaptation / translation of our Enkinosata Ororei le Nkai (“Eating the Word of God”) curriculum has been finished.  On February 16th, I went to Narok to meet with our editorial committee.  We were able to work through a number of important issues.  I am particularly excited because the adaptation […]

May you be blessed in the new year

We had Kenyan friends over for New Year’s Eve:  Kimunya & Harriet and their three children, Tinashe (girl), Tatenda (boy), Tumelo (girl).  Our little princesses were glad to have two visiting princesses to play dress-up with them.  (Tumelo, just 2 1/2, had gone back inside before we got out the camera.)    


In our house, we’ve started listening to our Christ-mas music today.  At the moment, “O Come, O Come, Emmanuel” is playing.  Are we getting ahead of ourselves in the holiday schedule?  No, we are focused on holy days rather than commercial rush.  The old word for the Lord’s Supper or Communion is Eucharist which simply […]

contact info update

We’ve updated our contact page.  Sometimes packages sent to us to the CMF-Kenya address (PO Box 59322 / 00200 City Square / Nairobi, KENYA) have … disappeared after arriving in Kenya.  So we’ve gotten our own PO Box that we can check ourselves.  So if anyone wants to send us some snail mail, use this […]

August update

A new house, curriculum development, training sunday school teachers for the Maasai churches, a special visitor from America … click here to view a PDF of our latest newsletter. We’ve  posted some new pictures of the Maasai Women’s Ministry on our photo album page. Have you ever wondered just where we live?  Take a bird’s […]

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