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Singing Scripture

I’ve updated our Video page with “my” 10 and 11 year old sunday school children singing Jeremiah 29.13-14a.  The music is mine; this is one of our family worship choruses.

baby pictures

Because many have asked, I’ve added a new photo album:   Shalviah Tzadika (first weeks). (Today she is 16 days old.)

Update: Mara North Cluster of churches

A couple of weeks ago, we shared some of the measurable signs of growth in two of the geographic clusters of churches in which we’ve spent the most time.  Well, it turns out my information for the Mara North cluster was already outdated.  I’ve copied below an excerpt from an email yesterday from William Koya, […]

Celebrating 2013

2013 was a good year for our churches in Kenya.  December was a particularly good month.  In the Narok Central Cluster of churches alone, there were 3 new church plants plus a fourth that is still underway.  On 29 December, 48 new believers were immersed into Jesus within those four congregations.  And in the Mara […]


A theologian, properly speaking, isn’t someone who theorizes ABOUT God with fancy academic language. But rather, “if you are a theologian, you pray truly; and if you pray truly, you are a theologian.” A theologian is someone who is in conversation WITH God. (Only then do we have something worthwhile to say about God.) To […]


Rain, rain, inches of rain!

Telling the Story

Storytelling is an important part of East African cultures.  But often in the churches this cultural strength has been exchanged for the lecture or yell-a-lot methods of teaching and evangelism.  We recently held a storytelling workshop for the Narok Central cluster of congregations to help church teachers and youth workers (re)learn how to be good […]

PBS video: “converting the Maasai”

PBS recently interviewed our teammate Gary Woods (formerly CMF-Kenya, now CMF-Tanzania) about the growing church planting movement among the Maasai. Watch Converting the Masai on PBS. See more from Religion & Ethics NewsWeekly.

On our manner of evangelism

… don’t get all hot and bothered while addressing unbelievers. They will not understand you, and your vehemence will just turn them off to your message. Instead …

the world is changing …

I recently enjoyed a full hour having a conference with a close Maasai friend and co-worker (in Maa) … via instant messaging on the computer.  It’s not as nice as face-to-face, of course, but it beats either a static-y phone connection or a nine hour drive (three hours on pavement, and then bush driving).

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