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A day in our life in Kenya

What’s it like to be missionary in Africa?  Our days revolve around teaching national Christians and our six children, whom we (mostly Ruth) homeschool.  To read more, visit today’s post on CMF’s blog, which was written by Ruth.

Thorn Removal

I learned a new word today.  Do you need to say “I am pulling out thorns”?  Maa has a single word for that, aitaaiki.  Who knew? Given the large acacia thorn-tree (which has thorns 1-3 inches long) beside our house (not to mention the grass-thorns), I’ve had many occasions when the use of this word […]

Home & Homesick

We’ve been “home” in America since April … and consequently, we are homesick for our home and life in Kenya.  Being able to reconnect with family and supporters has been great, but we also miss our life and work in Kenya. To read more of our adventures, both stateside and in Kenya, see our latest […]

May you be blessed in the new year

We had Kenyan friends over for New Year’s Eve:  Kimunya & Harriet and their three children, Tinashe (girl), Tatenda (boy), Tumelo (girl).  Our little princesses were glad to have two visiting princesses to play dress-up with them.  (Tumelo, just 2 1/2, had gone back inside before we got out the camera.)    

prayer update

January begins our work as curriculum development coordinators … For our pray-ers:  click here to download a PDF of our January 2011 prayer update.

City Wildlife

We no longer live in the bush, so we haven’t seen any elephants, baboons, and giraffes out of kitchen window here in Narok.  (Narok is a “small town” with a population of around 100,000.)  We’re on the edge of the river valley, and sometimes we’ve seen some zebras several kilometers away across the river.  But […]

Eton Kira Parmang’at

We’ve learned a new phrase in the Maa language.  Parmang’at is an adjective that describes that state of in-between-ness experienced by those in transition.  It means being neither here nor there, but being somewhere in between, or perhaps being mostly here but still a little bit there.  When you have shifted your cows because of […]

Where in the World are the Barrons?

We have NOT just returned to Kenya … Click here to download PDF of our February 2010 newsletter. When people are interested in learning about our life as missionaries, my favorite question is “Describe a typical day.”  That request always makes me smile, because sometimes we would really like to have the predictability of having […]

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