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We love to share good news.  Sometimes we are more hesitant to share struggles.  So today I want to take the time to share one of our larger discouragements in ministry, though I have good news to end with. A number of years ago (before we arrived in Kenya in January 2007), CMF founded Narok […]

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I (Joshua) had a wonderful opportunity to teach a few weeks ago (28 January – 1 February).  Twenty-one pastors and elders from our churches came to our training centre at Ewaso Ng’iro.  They represented 19 different communities and eight different geographical regions. I taught the Enkinosata Ororei Le Nkai curriculum that we finished just before […]

The question of character

For those of you who haven’t signed up for our email updates, it has been a while since we last wrote.  Much has happened since then with meetings, teaching classes, curriculum research and writing, and family life.  Scattered throughout has been a lot of questioning and learning. … … It was the right question, and […]

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