Just for Fun (family videos)

Singing Scriptures (2016)

Joshua’s sunday school class at our town church, 24 January 2016

This one of our family worship choruses.  But it fit in the lesson I wrote for my 10–11 year olds this day, so I taught it to them.  Our “town” church (in a suburb on the edge of Nairobi) is multi-ethnic and uses english as a common language.  (Our “bush” churches use various mother tongues.)


Greetings from Kenya (2015)


PBS interview:  the church planting movement among the Maasai
(at the PBS website)




Turkana worship at TBTI class

Joshua’s “Church History” class at Turkana Bible Training Institute in Lodwar, 15 May 2012

The Turkana Bible Training Institute meets in Lodwar to train Turkana church leaders.  Joshua taught “Church History” and “Missions & Evangelism” for TBTI in October 2011.  In May 2012, he taught “Church History” to a new group of students:  17 men and 2 women from the CCC congregations.  Most class sessions begin with a worship song and with prayer.  This is a short clip of the worship from 15 May 2012.


Maasai worship at MAC Meeting

Maasai Advisory Committee, 6 March 2012

The MAC meets twice a year.  Each “cluster” of the CCC-Maasai and Samburu churches sends a representative.  These church leaders help to forge regional and national church unity.  They share problems with each other and offer each other advice and wisdom and support.  They advise us CMF missionaries.  They corporately decide which congregation is next in line to receive financial assistance in constructing a building.  They spend time together in prayer and fellowship.  And each session opens with worship.
UPDATE:  This ministry is now called the National Advisory Committee (NAM), as the Maasai church leaders desired to include the Turkana and Samburu congregations as well.


Traditional Maasai Choir

Sunday worship service, 17 October 2010
Community Christian Church
Oloturoto village, Maasai Mara, Kenya


Barron family video:  introduction to our work (2009)




Farming God’s Way in Turkana (2011)

A Story-board slide show (with Turkana worship as the audio), posted by our former CMF teammates Gene & Melba Morden about a crucial part of their ministry.  (The Mordens have since retired.)  This a good introduction into the art of cultivation:  of both land and hearts.




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